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Welcome to our website. We established in the early days of the internet to share adventures with family and friend in pictures and video. On the family side we also include some historical data. This is an update of this now 21-year-old site to take advantage of the much higher network speeds we have today. Our adventures include travel, family outings, research results, investments, and photograpy of all kinds. We cover physics and medical technology as well as travel to remote parts of the globe.



Who I Am

Douglas P. Boyd, Ph.D.


Dr. Boyd has contributed to the fields of imaging technology, accelerator and beam physics, superconducting systems, nuclear physics, and medical physics.   Following his graduate studies in nuclear physics at Rutgers, Dr. Boyd continued his research at Bell Labs under a post-doctoral fellowship program.  He then moved to Stanford University and was the project leader for the world’s first pion radiotherapy facility.  As part of this program he was one of the early developers of fan-beam CT scanners using Xenon-detectors.   The resulting patents were licensed by Stanford to General Electric, who in turned sublicensed all CT manufacturers in Europe, U.S. and Japan.  These patents generated a major royalty stream to Stanford through 1998.  In 1976 Dr. Boyd joined the faculty in at UCSF with the intent to establish a laboratory to develop the next generation of no-motion CT scanners, with emphasis on cardiac imaging.  This led to the foundation of Prior of Imatron, Inc., which since 1982 became the leader in development of electron beam Cardiac CT Scanners (EBCT).  From 1986 to 2001 when the company was acquired by General Electric, more than 300 EBCT systems were produced and sold worldwide.  The use of these scanners for early detection heart disease helped revolutionize the management or coronary artery disease.   Dr. Boyd’s team also pioneered in a number of related imaging developments, including the research leading to the first successful explosive detection scanners for airports, for which he was awarded the prestigious Safe Skies award in 1992.   This research led to formation Prior to TSS, Dr. Boyd served as a founding director of InVision Technologies, Inc, a company that since 1990 pioneered in the development of modern CT explosive detection systems that are installed at most major airports in the world today.  In 2006, realizing that EDS technology had not yet reached its full potential, Dr. Boyd established TeleSecurity Sciences with the objective to automate the threat resolution process. In 2017 Imatrex Inc was established to continue the work of Imatron Inc in Medical Imaging and to develop new approaches to image guided cancer therapy.


1968                Rutgers, the State University, New Brunswick, N.J., Ph.D., Physics

1963                University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y., B.S.., Physics

Employment and Positions

2017-present    Chief Executive Officer,founder, Imatrex Inc., Las Vegas, NV

2016-presnet    Board of Directors Pyrexar Inc. Salt Lake City Utah

2006-present   Chief Executive Officer, founder, TeleSecurity Sciences, Inc., Las Vegas, NV

2001-2004       Chief Scientist, GE-Imatron, S. San Francisco, CA

1996-2002       CEO, Director, founder, Accuimage Diagnostics Inc., S. San Francisco, CA

1990-2004       Board of Directors, Invision Technologies, Inc., Newark, CA

1983-2001       CEO, Chairman, CTO, founder, Imatron Inc, S. San Francisco, CA

1983-2005      Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Radiology, UCSF

1976-1983       Professor (physics), Dept. of Radiology, UCSF

1969-1976       Research Physicist, Department of Physics, Stanford University

1967-1969       Member of Technical Staff, Bell Telephone Labs, Murray Hill, N.J.

Service on Boards of Directors

2004-2015     BSD Medical Inc. (NASDAQ:BSDM)

2016--            Pyrexar Inc.

2019--            MagnetTx Oncology Solutions Ltd



ballooning over the Serengeti
Nessun dorma
San Diego Harbor on M/V Inyoung II
Tosca's E lucevan le stelle at Inyoung's Birthday, Aug 28
Christmas with Kai and Hana 2013