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Cameras over the years and results

I received my first camera as a gift from my Aunt Mary around 1947. I found some of my Uncle Henry's developing trays in the basement and set up my first darkroom around 1948 and continued developing and printing photos for many years up until leaving Woodside CA in approximately 1982 and abandoning my last darkroom there. Up until the early 2000s I continued with commercial processing and scanning of film, although I had my own scanner as well-- Nikon ED9000.  I began experimenting with digital photography in 1990 and fully switched over to digital cameras in the early 2000s.  However, I maintained most of my original film cameras, and added to this collection over the years. I have about 60 cameras today.

While I am posting many images from over t he years here you may also view my photography in various online sites as follows:

1.  Fine Art Photography:

2. Flickr albums:

3. Facebook photos from 2009: Douglas Boyd | Facebook

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